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About Obsidian
Obsidian is a long standing guild, formed back during the Burning Crusade on Nathrezim. We are a mature, friendly guild with members of all ages. We transferred to Trollbane in February of 2013.

Our focus is primarily mythic raiding, although we have members from a variety of different backgrounds. We aim to clear the hardest content, and have fun while doing it. Our guild members enjoy interacting inside and outside of game. Most of our raiders participate in group facebook chat, enjoy playing other games together, and even coordinate an annual gathering at Blizzcon!

Our raid schedule is:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9pm-12am server (EST). - Mythic
Friday, Saturday 9pm-12am server (EST). - Heroic

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We've Moved!

by Lucrawr, 675 days ago

Obsidian has finally decided to part ways with You can find all the latest and greatest about our guild over here, at



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Mythic Archimonde Down!

by Lucrawr, 695 days ago

We did it!! Tier 18 is now complete, thank you everyone for all your efforts!


 Kill video (Hunter PoV):


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Mythic Mannoroth Down!

by Lucrawr, 749 days ago

Great work all!


Kill Video (Hunter PoV):




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Mythic Xhul'horac Down!

by Lucrawr, 806 days ago



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Mythic Velhari Down!

by Lucrawr, 819 days ago



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